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About Nepal

Nepal, home of the world's highest peak Mount Everest, is a landlocked and exquisite Himalayan Country, situated between two heavily populous neighbors - China to the north and India to the South, East and west, Nepal has a population of over 29.5 million(Approx July, 2008) and attracts a large number of tourists as one of the most popular destinations because of its natural beauty, diversified culture, amazing arts & crafts.

Nepal is significantly popular with legendry "Gurkhas" all over the world for their bravery, honesty, sincerity and loyalty demonstrated during First and Second World Wars under British Regiment. Since then, recruitment of Nepalese people by India, Singapore and Brunei continued for their special Gurkha Regiment. This can be attributed to the recruitment of Nepalese people in foreign employment history. Since the past two decades, most of the Middle East countries, including Hong Kong, Korea and Malaysia also started to recruit Nepalese workers from Nepal.

The latest government record shows that over Two million Nepalese workers are already working overseas, Nepalese workers are winning the hearts of employers by showing their utmost loyalty, dedication, honesty, and hard work, Beside this, Nepalese workers are well know for high sense of responsibility and their expertise to work with extreme climatic condition.

All the above facts play a vital role for the growing demand of Nepalese workers day bye day. Availability at wider choice for skilled, semi-skilled , unskilled workers and almost in all fields and professionals are the specialty of the country.